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Classroom Furniture

We understand the needs and goals and dreams you see as being an example of exemplary service in the field of Education, we are here to help you a small but significant portion in your journey.

We are here to serve you with long lasting durable and safe nursery furniture for kids, tough school furniture for elementary classes. If you are looking for College and Educational University furniture for seminar halls, lab furniture like Science lab and Computer lab, Library class room and office room, staff and cafeteria/ Canteen furniture, this is the place!

Complete School furniture supplier Mayuri International for educational environments ranging from nursery school and early years ages, to primary and secondary school, and up to college and university, Mayuri Educational Furniture works closely with a select number of school furniture manufacturers, and our easy online shop provides you with a simple one-stop-shop for selection and delivery of school furniture direct to your school organization.

In your search for furniture for schools, browse these categories to be precise for the space and quantity you will need and the school strength.

Tables and desks for all ages with regular measurements, Science and lab tables require the high tables. Look for ICT and computer room desks/tables. A specific requirement of exam desks, tables for dining area and canteen tables for serving. Our Classroom tables are made keeping in mind various age requirements with precise measurements and drawers to hold stationary. The sizes can be picked up from the options below, choose from a variety of options.

Feel free to look around for your requirements and we hope you won’t be dissatisfied.